Drivin Around Venice

Erik, Sara and I were at Venice Beach this weekend to be in the sun and to get s ome CD's and hang out. Erik bought a CD he wanted and then we went through the Hare Krishna park where they were giving out some free food and doing little Har e Krishna concerts. This was a good day at Venice, lots of people had shown up for this event. Sara was getting hot though, and Erik and I had both been party ing the night before so we decided to go home.

We walked back to the car and commented on some people that we saw and then we d rove off. I rolled my window down for a jolly round of shouting 'Panis' at peop le on the street. Erik pulled down a side street on his way towards the freeway. We finally opened up on a long side street and Erik pushed on the gas pedal.

Further down the street, an old woman and two dogs started walking across the st reet. Erik continued to accelerate. As the woman got to the other side of the street she looked at us and she was unhappy. When we got within 10 feet of her we were shocked to see her flipping us off. Without even thinking I stuck my he ad out the window, flipped the bitch off and screamed: "FUCK YOU TOO", as we dro ve by.

This old woman, maybe 70 years old had just flipped us off. Erik was laughing h ard as we pulled onto the ajoining street. I myself felt pretty accomplished, h aving told the bitch off. I wonder what kind of old biddy it takes to flip off a car that didn't even come close to hitting her. I guess that's just the sort of mindset that Venice has, peace, freakdom, and old ladies who flip people off.