Ian is dying

My friend Ian.. is going to die. Sadly, yes, but unfortunate circumstances have placed a limit on his young life. You see, Ian's got a problem with his lung. And it looks like it will most likely impact his ability to remain among the living. The story of how this happened, goes like this:

Ian was with a girl one night having sex. And this girl had her nipples pierced. He told me he was sucking on her nipples when something happened that caused him to inhale sharply. Unfortunately she had not tightenned her nipple piercings and Ian inhaled it. He choked for a second and then it went all the way down. The choking stopped and he couldn't find the ring so he figured nothing was wrong and he went on with his evening. Then later that month when he went to the doctors for an x-ray to see about something that had happened to him in a fight, they saw this:

Possibly a better shot...

Poor Ian had gotten the piercing stuck on the alveoli in his lung. He asked them about having it removed but they told him the way in which it was suspended against the wall of his lung would cause tearing if they tried to remove it. Then they told him that he had about a year and a half to live. The piercing was slowly working it's way into the wall of his lung with each breath he took, evnetually it would puncture his lung and he would bleed to death internally. They told him it wouldn't be horribly painful but that he should come back every few months to see where the ring was in his body.

And this is Ian's sad story. He has a ring in his lung hovering just behind his nipple. He asked me to mention it on my site so that I could spread the word for people to take out their nipple piercings before engaging in sexual play. And so I urge you not to let this happen to someone you know and care about. Ian stands to teach us all this valuable lesson. And we hope that the doctors will find a way to save him before he has to leave this world because of his experience.