Severity Levels in Bathroom Situations

I went out to eat this evening and had a large meal, filling my stomach to capacity. The food was wonderful and I had a good time. When I returned to work we stopped in the other building my company occupies to visit some people I haven't seen in a while. I became aware after a little while that I had to go to the bathroom but decided to wait since I was enjoying seeing these people. However, since I know a lot of people in that building, even on the late shift, it took a long time to visit with them all and I was feeling the urge more strongly by the time I left.

By the time I returned to my building I really had to use the bathroom and I went straight there instead of stopping in the office to see if there was anything needing my immediate attention. I thought to myself on the way to the bathroom about how I would classify the severity of my bathroom situation.

Sometimes, people will call it a bathroom ermergency, which is definitely what this situation classifies as. It was a case where I could no longer wait to use the toilet. However I think that the term emergency is used too frequently and perhaps too zealously in most cases. I would say your normal bathroom urge should be called a Bathroom Urgency, rather than an emergency. This would shed more light onto how important it is that you get to a bathroom quickly.

Of course, there are cases when it is more than an emergency. Such as the bathroom crisis. The bathroom crisis is an emergency situation in which you arrive at the bathroom hopping and all available slots are full. These are truly awful. The term crisis is very applicable in this matter because it easily has the potential to become a bathroom disaster, which is when the situation decides to resolve itself before you can get into a stall, pull out the toilet condom, and take all the other preliminary measures.

In the event of a bathroom disaster, it's best not to talk about it's occurance. Most people would be able to figure out what happened if you were to even mention that you had a disaster situation in the bathroom anyway. However, if it resulted from a bathroom crisis situation, there may be bistanders who would witness this incident, which usually happens as a situation where some poor fool is jumping up and down trying to wait and then suddenly a look of shock comes over their face and they stop jumping.