Close Encounter with the Nazis

Where I live in Southern California, there aren't many woodland areas where I can spend time alone with my thoughts and the beauty of nature. There is one place however, where I do like to go: Chantry Flats. Chantry is a place in teh mountains not far from my old house that is wrought with trails and other nice little things that make me reminice about New York and teh forests there. The other day, my friend Sonjay and I went up to Chantry to take a little hike.

The road up to Chantry is very slim and windy, and on the way you may encounter people stopped on the side of the road enjoying the sights. On our way up to the trail, Sonjay and I saw a large blue truck stopped on the side of teh road and a few men standing around it in blue jumpsuits. I casually informed Sonjay as we passed by that these men were Nazis and we continued up the path so as not to provoke their suspicion.

When we reached the top of the road and got out of teh car to go on the trail we heard a large truck coming up the road. As it appeared around the corner I saw that it was the Nazi's truck from before. When the truck passed I saw the men in blue suits sittig in the back like thr truck was a troop carrying unit. I pointed and said: "Look, they're staging troops up here for an invasion." Sonjay agreed and we both tried to ignore the Nazis and fid the trail.

We wandered around looking for the trail that Sonjay wanted to go on and found the park complex, the buildings where the rangers and other officials stayed during the day to work. As the gate however was a man in a blue jumpsuit shouting in some other language to his co-workers, who were loading trucks. Thoughts went through my mind of the Nazis loading weapons into their attack vehicles and then descending on the poor unsuspecting towns below.

Since the Nazis were staging troops even as we stood there in plain view Sonjay and I decided to get out of sight and descend into the woods. The cars around us were all Nazi sympathizers, which we could tell because they all had what was called a 'Forest Adventure Pass' on their windshields. As we left the parking area we saw three trucks full of troops leaving the area, headed for the towns below. We had been just lucky enough to escape their clutches and concentration camps, undoubtedly buried deep in the forest.