Hatt Baby, Hatt Baby

Shockwave has brought a great number of things to the internet. A small and easy to download medium for showing animated graphics. A simple tool for creating short movies. It has also brought a lot of bad things. Stupid movies. Dumb pictures that move. Bad music to web pages. Cats that have sex with dildos. These are all things I think the internet could possibly do without. Then again, if there wasn't complete and total crap on internet sites then I wouldn't be able to be so lofty about my own site.

But the one thing about the internet that never ceases to amaze me is that it exoposes those nut jobs that are wackier than me. Shockwave has really helped this along too, by providing really really odd movies. A movie I've discovered that I call: "Hatt Baby" is one of those. You can view this flash movie here, although I must warn you, it's loud, it's weird, and every time I watch it a little piece of my sanity slips away. I'm at three watches now and I'm not really thinking about watching it again, I've already started to sing the song when I wake up in the morning. But without further ado, here is the link: Hatt Baby. Please keep in mind, I did NOT make this, I don't think I could ever be this weird. Well maybe, but probably in english.

So that brings me to the wondering part. What is the hat doing? Why does the hat have so many partners? Did it suffer from a sexually abusive past and this is why it is so promiscuous? Is the old man with the glasses the rightful owner of the hat? I don't know.

Happy Man, Hat, and Coke

In the image above you can see the Hat in question. Also you will see the Happy Man. Of all the characters in the movie, I like Happy Man the best. He's so happy! I'd like to think that he's happy because he's wearing the hat, but he's pretty overjoyed when he's not as well, although he does have a hat of his own.

Next to him you will see the Coca Cola. I can't really explain it. It's in another language. It has coke. It has a hat that flies. This movie really defies logic. I will say that the coke has some sort of meaning though because they sing about it for about 4 or 5 verses. The coke is very weird, but by far not the weirdest of the random objects in this animation. Yes, I'm referring to the meat. Are they gluing the meat? Why!? I can only hope that if I knew the language of the song I would be enlightenned about the meat. My co workers and I believe that the language is Swedish, but Babelfish has no translator for that so we may never find out. Finally, there is the Record. The Record is a dastardly fellow in this epic. At one point he steals away the Hat's affection from the story's human characters and taunts the sad man with it. But then, triumphantly the man with glasses retakes his hat, and is later seen next to the sad man while the two are both wearing the same hat. I am very glad that the Meat never wears the hat.

Also in the movie are the jolly men with their wives or sisters or girlfriends. The jolly people begin and end the animation and all of them gain the hat's affection, although some more often than others. The hat seems to start out liking only men but eventually will come to a point where it rests on everyone's head. Perhaps the cola and the meat confused the hat into this situation. They certainly confused me.

All in all, this file brings confusion, laughter, and questions. And sometimes fear. What are those hands doing? Why did they poke the sad man in the eye? Wasn't it bad enough that he was already sad, did they have to make it worse? Why does the hat move around so much on the Happy Man's head? With a few more viewings I'll probably drift into insanity. I'm sure that as of reading this my family is preparing to have me committed. Normal people would just shudder and try to forget it, but I'm singing "hatt baby hatt baaaaaaaaby" in the shower. Thankfully there are other odd things on the internet to divide my attention enough that I don't become too fixated.