CD Addiction

My God, I'm hooked on this CD, Offspring: Americana. It's like this craving I have sometimes, after buying a new CD. I get this tune in my head. At first I don't notice what it is then I realize it's a song from that CD I just bought on the weekend. "Well, that's OK, at least I don't hate the songs" I think when I realize I'm repeating the beat in my head over and over again.

Then the songs start to repeat more, sometimes to the point where I can't get them out of my head to think. So the solution is to listen to the CD, if I hear the full song just once it will be complete and my brain will stop waiting for the rest of it and stop cycling. Then I hear the beginning of the next song... DAMNIT. 15 minutes later I'll realize that one's stuck in my head now too. They bounce around your brain like singing monkies with guitars. The Solution: Carry the CD with you, so you can stop the madness every time you get to a CD player.

In the case of this CD, I took it to work, neglected all my MP3's and all my MOD's and listened to it all day. Yes, definitely addicted to it. I was listening to it and my friend came over, he looked at the case and told me that he wanted to hear it. I said he could borrow it, knowing that it might break my addiction to be away from it. He declined just saying he only wanted to hear one song.

The days passed, the CD laying in my backpack, coming out every once in a while. My friends were beginning to get angry at me for trying to listen to it in their cars and in their houses. They also probably didn't appreciate all my singing. So, in a moment of strong will, I left it at home.

For a few days, I went without hearing it, because I don't always make it home at night. My brain went silent again, allowing me to think without having guitar tunes to it. But then I got home, sat down at my computer and got on the internet. When I get on the internet for a while I like to listen ot music, so I opened up QCD, my CD player software. Surprise Surprise, there's my friend 'Americana' waiting for me to play it.

I tried to resist it, thinking if I could listen to something else instead, knowing the dangerous waters ahead could consume me. In the end, the CD won. I'm listening to it right now. As I write this, it's playing. I'll probably be alright when I get another CD to push it out of the lime light of newness in my collection. Hopefully one not quite as addictive. Until then I'll have to think of something else that I can listen to that will help me get the tune out of my head when I stop it.