No Title (Feb 25th)

Notes: This is something I scratched down on paper (GASP!) last night before drifting off to sleep to the sound of The Dig SoundTrack. It's not funny, and I just was kinda writing to write.. no real plot. I liked it though, so I'm putting it up.

I was gone. To a far off place where everything seemed... or was... a dream. I looked around and everything swam a little, floating in my mind. And I set life down in a basket. For a while I looked at it. It was round, covered with fur. I remembered it being a pyramid when I was holding it. Or maybe it was a square, I couldn't remember. Looking across the room I saw nothing; then there were clouds and warm lights. I wanted to go over to the clouds and be happy but the life in the basket couldn't just sit here. I had to take it.

When I walked to the clouds with my basket, I found a well. My face almost fell off when I looked down it. There was a thing down there for sure though. I had to see what it was. There was a map made of cloth in the well. When I pulled it out it was not wet. Putting the map in my basket next to life was a bad thing. But it had been done and they were stuck together.

Then I saw a rounded cage, as if caging me in. It had 7 sticks behind it. They wanted to get out of the cage that they were outside of. I could not pull them through the holes in the bats to get them out and they got angry and walked away.

The clouds were gone now and I had lost my basket. I knew it was still with me but I was not holding it. I wanted to walk but I would spin in circles when I tried to. The only thing I could do was swim down. So I did. For a long time I could not see anything while I swam. Then I came through the bottom near some satin sheets.

I poked my head out in a dark room, the sheets were like water around my neck. There was a dresser there that had nothing on it but a mirror. I could not see myself in it, just hte room. I was standing now and the bed with the sheets was gone. To the same place the basket with life in it had gone.

There was a door on the darker wall, near the window. I could not stand at an angle to look out the window. Light only spilled on the floor from it. I waslked through the door. It didn't take any effort at all. Now I was in a corridor that had no doors and no ends. I went right.