Articles is about a lot of things. It's mainly a site for me to put stuff on..and I like that to be enjoyable funny stuff. A lot of that stuff is articles. Rants, editorials, movie reviews, stories, whatever. They're all articles. So that's what articles are. Stuff. Articles!

Talc, the Wonder Mineral's Tips on Robot Design
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Holiday Accessories
Erik Friend Sure Likes The Cock.
Of Advertising and Infomercials.
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Optimus Prime would make a kickass president.
Why Hast Thou Forsaken Us?
GameCube vs. XBox Argument
History of National Kick a Brit in the Nuts Week
Jock Poems: What killed the Greeks
The Fabulous Mister Naja
Stupid Questions Answered
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The Great Usian Mardi Gras Adventure, Day 1
Hatt Baby, Hatt Baby
I'm Jesse, and I'm a Dreamcastaholic
Things I Could Do With a Giant Robot is Run by a Lazy Liar
The Universe Strikes Back
Ian is Dying
It's Thinking
Limes of the Hore
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Kill Your TV
Morning Routines
The War Against Ants
Universal Truths of
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Record Breaking Silence Ended
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Severity Levels in Bathroom Situations
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Chilly Pig
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The Quote of the Day
No Title (Feb 25th)
CD Addiction
Something I found
Augh! Goto Dot Com
Government Offices
The Great Pants Revolution of '98

Ye Olde Rants
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A Trip to the Mechanic
The Wonderful World of Standardized Testing
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Destination: Albany
The Most Capitalist Place on Earth