I'm Jesse, and I'm a Dreamcastaholic

This weekend I went on a 3 day Dreamcast bender. Yes, Friday night, I had the craving, like a fiend for nicotine.. but I didn't need a cigarette, if you know what I mean. I needed Dreamcast. In a bad way. And then my new dealer called. Erik had the stuff. Several wonderful new games and he invited me to come share them with him. So I did. And we played. And it was good.

Late Night gave way to Late Late Night which gave way to Early Morning. Erik's house was cold but I'd had so mch Dreamcast I could barely tell unless I set down the controller. But eventually I did notice it was cold, and so I laid down on the floor near the heater and soon it was morning, so I slept some more and then it was Afternoon. When I woke up, Erik's house guest had moved out. I think she had planned to do this actually and not just because we had been up till 5 AM screaming and playing games. In light of this we sat down and played some more Dreamcast. Three hours later I realized that I was really hungry. An hour later, we turned off the TV and left for food.

A strong believer in moderation, after this binge we thought it a good idea to see some movies instead of go straight back to the little white box. So Sanjay, Erik, and I saw "Snatch", which was really funny. Then I saw "Antitrust" while they saw "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". But as all true fiends, after this over, something was on my mind in a big way. Phantasy Star Online. Returning to Eriks, I played and played and soon it was after midnight again. This time I went home at the end of the night and slept a nice deep sleep.

I'm sure you can all guess by now what happened when I woke up. If you guessed: went outside and had a nice breakfast on the porch, you are completely wrong. I sat on the couch and basked in the light and glory that is Dreamcast once more. I don't know how long I played, because by this point I had done so much Dreamcast during the weekend it was starting to distort my perception of time. Finally, the weekend concluded and I woke up with a Controller Hangover and went to work.

But it doesn't end there you see, oh no! I've been coming home for lunch to play. And increasing my visits to gaming websites. Even tonight when I knew I had to update my site, there was a dilemma. The Dreamcast is closer to the front door than the computer is, and in passing I was afraid I might dive over the couch towards the controller. Thankfully I didn't turn it on yet. If I had I would have most likely cancelled my plans for the evening, which themselves even consist of playing video games, and just stayed home for maximum gaming time. The saddest part of the whole affair is that my friends aren't helping. Erik and Eddie both own Dreamcasts now, and other friends are thinking of getting them. How am I supposed to take hold of my addiction when everyone is encouraging me? Alas, I do not know.