The Quote of the Day

As much as I'd like it to be, my page isn't hyper-popular (yet). I try to increase the traffic here every once in a while and other times I don't. Most of this is done at work, where I bug people to go to my page and read something. My friend Erik is one of these people that I bugged into going to my page. He went and he read a rant which he really liked so he started going every now and then.

Erik noticed the Quote of the Day when he started coming to the site a little more. It wasn't called the quote of the day at the time though, and actually it wasn't even a quote most times. It's hardly daily too, but that's beside the point. One of the things that he checks every time he comes to the site is the quote. So, when I can I get a really good quote from a movie, daily life, or IRC and put it on the site. It's not always related to the update on the site, but I always try to put one up.

Then he wanted me to start saving them because some of them were pretty funny, so I did. I have a text file with the old quotes from a certain point that I may make into some feature on the site someday. Life continued as normal. Then came this quote:

Erik said something that was quote worthy but I can't remember it because it had a high weirdness factor.

When I brought it up his eyes went wide with craziness and he said something along the lines of: "Do you know how incredibly much that has been bothering me!!!" He knew exactly the words that I was refferring to but neither of us could remember them or even the context. The weirdness of it had blanked out minds. After much deliberation, the day moved on and the incident was forgotten.

Then last week or so, we were talking again and I said something that I thought was fairly understandable and related concerning money. As soon as I finished my statement that crazy look came back to his face and he said: "write... it... down". I was confuzzles (Heffalumps and Woozles, something for a later date.), and I asked him why, so he took me to my page and showed me the above quote.

Now, whenever I find something utterly weird that must be quoted Erik reminds me to write it down so it will eventually go on the site. My pocket organizer tends to fill up with them however, since we're weird 24/7 and I only update my site usually on the weekends. Perhaps we'll have a dry spell of quotable items someday... Then again, the weirdness never ceases... EVER.