The Simple Cop

So it's a Thursday and Sanjay and I are hanging out before I have to head off to work for the afternoon. We had just been to the Buick service station where they had told him that his car was unsafe to drive and could become a danger to anyone on the road at any time. Sanjay asks me if I want to swing by his friend's house and say what's up. I say that's fine and he drives us over there.

When we're at the door, Sanjay tells me that his friend has recently become a cop. So my mind starts to think about what this friend (let's call him Cop-o) might look like. So I build an image of Cop-o in my mind using previous cop experience. As we are let in we look around Cop-o's room waiting for him to come in, as he was in the shower when we arrived.

The room is very clean, and has your standard cop gear such as gun, flashlight, and mace. Also there are a few certificates showing that Cop-o has finished the academy and high school. It's a very nice room, I'm starting to imagine the guy as being very nice, neat, and generally happy with his life. Also I noticed some really neat ninja figures sitting around, but those have absolutley no other reference in this story.

So Cop-o walks into the room finally and he doesn't look like I imagined. Before I go on to describe him I will say that I don't mean to offend Cop-o should he ever read this. I enjoyed meeting him. Anyway, Cop-o is a happy guy, a friend of Sanjay's for a while. And as I watch them converse I see that he smiles in a way that would make me think he is very simple. He grins and sits on his bed and his voice is very soft and pleasing. He seems embarrassed at a few things Sanjay mentions in his stories and is totally blowing my mold for cop image.

He goes on to talk about what it's like to work as a cop and how you have to be intimidating to the citizens and who the other cops are mean to you if you're a rookie. And here I am going: "This is the nicest cop I have ever met". The whole experience blew my mind. I'm sure Cop-o is not a simple guy and I'm sure he will make agood intimidating cop (since he's a lot bigger than me), but just hanging out in his room even with his gun hanging on the end of the bed, I felt completely at ease. It made my day.

So, I thought as I was leaving, I wonder if even those jerk ass mother bitch cops that pulled me over on my bicycle could be gentle hearted normal people when they're not being evil bastards. Probably not, they're cops for a rich white town in Southern California. I think you have to specially import dickhead cops for those types of towns.