Record Breaking Silence Ended

Bob: Well we're all gathered here today at the Apartment Arena for what promises to be an exciting game.

Jimmy: Yes it does Bob, I haven't seen a match up like this since late 1999, and I think these titans are well overdue for a conflict like this.

Bob: Well our first competitor is already on the field Jimmy, he's the Roommate. The Roommate's been silent for almost a full week, only grunting and quickly running away when people try to talk to him. His opponent is determined to make him talk. Here he comes now.

Jimmy: The Roommate's opponent, is from out of state but lives in California here with the Roommate. I was talking with him earlier and he said that he doesn't think it's very conducive to happy life if you live with a quote unquote fucking mute.

Bob: Well, the subject of today's event will be the Rent Check. The Opponent will try to get his Roommate to talk by presenting him his share of the Rent. Should the Opponent fail, he has a chance to try to pick a fight in an effort to bring some speech out of him. They're starting now.

Jimmy: It looks like he's walked into the room without the Roommate looking away from his computer. He's holding up the check, and he said: "here's rent". Wow that's a good shot.

Bob: The Roommate is looking at him now, but there's still silence. Uh oh looks like he's gonna grunt. NO! He said "Cool, Thanks". Oh my god I don't believe it. The Roommate has spoken! The Roommate has Spoken. The record breaking silence has ended.

Jimmy: And what a lovely day for it too Bob, The Opponent is returning to his room, he looks happy.

Bob: He certainly does Jimmy. This is a day that will not soon be forgotten. Very much like way back when The Opponent lost to the Roommate by not causing anything more than a nod by bringing a refridgerator into the Apartment Arena about a month back. Wow, what a match.

Jimmy: I'm glad I was here to see it firsthand. Days like this just make me love the game.

Bob: Me too Jimmy. Well folks, have a good and safe night, enjoy your after-game parties. We'll see you soon.

Jimmy: Good Night!