A Good Comedy

One Saturday in November, Erik and I were hanging out and driving around. During our conversation we began to talk about the movie Brain Candy, done by The Kids in the Hall. Because I said that I had never seen the movie Erik insisted that we rent it that night and watch it. I agreed to this since I had been wanting to see it for some time anyway.

Later on that evening Erik got his Super Duper Video card and we headed for the store. When we arrived we were greeted by a fairly ... jolly.. clerk. She was just way too happy for her job, but happy clerks are better than angry ones so we asked her to help us find the video. She walked right over to the rack and picked up the movie, handing it to Erik. We then walked back with her to the counter and started to check it out.

As she ran Erik's card through she first said: " You have some late fees ". Then she looked again and said: " .. and some store credit ... one cent ". I handed Erik a five since he had only brought 3 dollars in change and the jolly clerk asked him if he would like to exercise his store credit. Erik kind of laughed and said yes and she giggled and handed him back two cents (we had given her I guess a cent more than the total).

As we were leaving Erik turned to me and excitedly said: "this movie's so funny, you're gonna love it. ohhhh and we should get Schindler's List, now THERE'S a good comedy". I began to laugh, and then we turned to the video clerk so she could hand us the movie. Her face was frozen in shock. I looked at her, hoping that her jaw would just fall open. Instead she looked up at Erik and said: "You did not just say Schindler's List is a comedy". Erik smiled and said: " It can be ". And then we left.