Limes of the Hore

I, Emperor of the Usian Hordes, have captured the mighty power limes of the Hore. Yes, through deception and trechery as well as savage butchery and military might the Usians have captured that which makes young Hores strong. LIMES!!!

In a meeting between myself and the Cracktoad of Hore, he thought it would be wise to bring the limes with him, this of course prooved to be his fatal flaw. Like the conquerors and pinoeers of the North America against the Indians, I used the Fire Water to bring the limes to me. By the end of the eve, Toad had forgotten even that he brought the sour orbs of might. THE LIMES WERE MINE!!!

These four limes, symbolizing the strengths of the great elements of the earth, can be used to dominate the world and even the Universe. The limes, holding powers of Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, can be placed together to harness the energies of the cosmos into a single being. Watch as the limes generate an energy core between them!

Ahh yes! The limes of power infuse their owner with a might that is incomprehensible by mere human minds. No longer shall the Hores run with their mighty lime fueled war machines along side them. No, they shall all face but a single enemy. I, the Lime KING!! My sour-ey goodness will sweep over my enemies and destroy all that stands in my way. Not even the mountains dare oppose me. With enough time spent with the limes I may ascend the ladder of omnipotence and sit beside god himself! BEHOLD!

Tremble oh ye of the earth below. I could destroy you all with a wave of my hand. Sour the worlds food supply with a sneeze. Sting the wounds of millions with my very eyes. Marvel at the power I posess. Kneel before the fruit of destruction. And when it is time, I shall reach my hands into the soil and coat this land with my limey children. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!