GameCube vs XBox Argument

The following 'article' is actually an email I typed up to someone who wrote me concerned with my choice of a GameCube over an XBox. I listed most of my major reasons against the Xbox for them and a few of my reasons that I decided on the GameCube. Now, I know this isn't a terribly humorous article, but I haven't updated in a while so I wanted to put SOMETHING up tonight. If nothing else you can see my reasons that I don't recommend the Xbox. I do a lot of research into game consoles before I buy them. Almost as much as I researched my car. I always take a lot of fire on my choice of video game systems when I talk about them on the site as well, so this is a good stopper for that as well.

I actually had a large number of reasons not to get an Xbox, some I will list here:

So, those are my reasons I didn't get an XBox. I really wanted to get a new console this year and I did some reasearch into all of them. I seriously considere d the PS2 since I feel it has the strongest presence already and the most likely chance of really dominating and getting all the major titles. But I was drawn to the GameCube, partially because of it's price and partially because I want nintendo to get out of the hole it got in with the N64 which is basically: "oh that's just for kids". We all played mario games when graphics weren't realistic, I still enjoy them now. Banjo Kazooie, now that's a kid's game.

So far, I love my cube. It's easy to carry around with me, has some good games already, a GREAT GREAT controller, and some breathtaking graphics.