It's Thinking

So, I bought myself a Dreamcast this Thanksgiving weekend. It was a choice I made after careful consideration and a lot of looking to try to find one that wasn't full price. Since buying it, it has taken up almost all of my spare time. So much so that I haven't had time for email or for TV, two previous time eaters. But there is one thing...

It's thinking. No, that's not just an ad campaign. The Dreamcast actually is thinking. And I don't think that it's thinking about things that I would like very much. You see, it got off the shelf by itself, and opened it's lid by itself. And although I'm not entirely sure, I don't remember there being teeth on the unit when I bought it.

I got some other tip offs that the Dreamcast was thinking too. Late last night after a long game of Jet Grind Radio, I went to turn it off and the TV screen flashed. I could have sworn it said: "you're not trying to turn me off, are you?" But I looked again and it was back to the normal screen.

Well, I was a little worried about that the other day, so I was telling a friend of mine that I thought the Dreamcast was trying to kill me, and he said that he had a problem similar to it with an old Nintendo. He said it failed to actually do any damage because it only had 8 bits to think with, though. This makes me a little more scared though, because the Dreamcast has 128 bits and plenty of teeth.

Today I came home and the Dreamcast was sitting on the couch with the remote next to it. I thought this was pretty curious, but I picked it up and placed it back on the shelf where it belongs. I'm not sure what to do about the whole situation, I would think that devoting so many hours to the Dreamcast it would think we're friends, but I'm still not sure. And I don't feel too comfortable with it going around my apartment watching TV and eating my food.