Ok, I ride a bike to work, every day. It's a two mile ride down semi-crowded streets and mostly uphill on the way home. In the morning it's not bad, you might ever say it woudl be pleasant, except that I'm half asleep still since it's aroun 7:30 AM. A little uphill to get the motor running, then it's a nice even ride. Then I get to the downhill travel. Michellinda Ave has got to be one of the worst. When I'm going down it I'm already going like 20, but do people think: "well he's on a bike - any faster and he might kill himself"?     H E L L  N O     Fuckers will try and pass me, or run me over just coz they want to accelerate going downhill. Then, they come to the turn, AND THEY STOP! This is the only point where I wanna go fast, so I can rocket around that turn and not get killed by the drivers comeing from the cross street, but they have to stop, look around a little, think about what they had for breakfast... then they go forward.

      Drivers can never wait... for anyone. ESPECIALLY not some kid on a bike. Hell, run him over if he won't go 50 - little punk. They'll cut you off, they'll run you off the road. Buses will try to murder you in cold blood.. you know normal "I don't like You" stuff. Then when they're feeling especially pissy, they'll take the right of way, maybe wing me in the process if they can make it look accidental. Halfway through an intersection there's nothing more tarrifying than to see a giant bloated Sprot Utility Wagon flying down hill at 80 or 90 miles per hour.

      The Cardinal Rule of riding a bike with traffic is: You are NOT allowed to stop at stoplights. When you do this, the people behind you seem to move their blind spot wherever you are (unless it's a car of teenagers, then they'll throw things). When the light turns green you had BETTER make like a bat out of hell and pedal hard. Drivers will innevitably try to flatten you in this case, under the corrupt logic that you're going to go really slow and if they don't kit you with thier car they're gonna have to wait through another red light. Even though a person on a bike accelerates better than some fat guy in his car, fumbling with his stick shift.

      Worst is the cops. Cops seem to think you're up to no good on a bike. They see that bike and they think BANK ROBBERY or ESCAPING MURDER SUSPECT. They'll pull up to you, roll down the window and ask you to pull over. Then after they see you're not carrying bags of money or not covered in blood they'll ask you where you werre going and where you were coming from. I'm always tempted to ask them if they want to come with me, but I know they'd shoot me. One time a cop questionned that I, this geeky kid on a bike riding home in the middle of the night, worked at Earthlink. I go to show him my badge and he nearly pulls his gun on me. Only a cop would think that a kid on a bike would pulla gun on two cops in a car, shoot them both then ride off in the middle of the night.

Let's get some backup here Liutenant, we're in pursuit of a kid on a bike, got two men down.

      Maybe I should buy a gun.