Destination: Albany

At 5:45 AM I was awakened, not knowing where I was or what was going on as I normally am when awakened before Noon. Then I remembered: Off to New York .. plane to catch at 9:00. I managed to get out of bed, I don't know if I made it to the alarm but the next thing I remember, I was all packed and falling asleep on the couch waiting for my ride. I assume I had breakfast because there was cereal all over the table. Amazing what you can do when you're almost totally asleep.

      My ride arrived, I climbed in, off to the bus stop, and there I sat waiting for the bus. At this point I will mention that I like to travel light, zip through the airport and be on my way as fast as I can. My carry-on weighs more than my suitcase, always. It wasn't however the heviest bag I was carrying...

      My cousin, it seems, was too troubled to wak at 8:00 AM for his flight and in a rush, left his golf clubs in California with me. My great kindness earned the the luxury of carrying a golf bag and golf shoes across country. Lucky me. Besides the fact that the Golf clubs were insanely heavy compared to my other luggage, they're about 4 and a half feet tall, making them awkward. And they don't stand up, let's not forget that. Sitting on the bench, an old woman plops herself down and looks over at me:

      "Oh, are you a golfer?" she asks.

      "No, the owner managed to forget them somehow and left me to bring them across country for him."


      I don'r remember what she said after that ut she didn't stop talking till the bus arrived. I boarded, payed my exorbitant fee and was off to LAX. Standing in line to check my bags, I was behind two guys. As I stepped up to the man checking baggage, he looked at the clubs. I shook my head.

      "They're not mine." I said.

      He gave me a weird look, checked my baggage and I was off to my Gate. I boarded the plane early, sat down and started reading my Wired magazine. Another guy sat at the Aisle seat, then a pretty nice looking young woman was instructed to take the middle seat. Woohoo! I never get to sit next to nice looking chicks on planes. Then there's a little bit of turmoil, stewardesses looking confused and then I see one lean over and say to the woman next to me:

      "I'm sorry I'm gonna have to ask you to catch the next one."

      WHAT!? They were kicking this woman off the plane? Not only had I just witnessed this woman getting kicked off the plane, they then proceeded to put a little child in her place. But wait, it gets better. They then ask the man sitting on the aisle seat to move, and replaced him... with ANOTHER child. So, I went from sitting next to some guy who was reading and quiet and stuff, and a pretty nice looking chick, to sitting next to two scremaing british children. How did I know they were british? They had accents and teletubbies.

      After my batteries had died, my laptop was low on juice and I had read my entire magazine, I tried to get some sleep. Just as I was lolling away into happy dreamland, which I much needed, I hear a shrill scream. The teletubby had lept onto the floor, and the children were squirming,scremaing amd on the virge of crying. I managed to get about 20 minutes sleep before I gave up and just stared blankly out the window for the rest of the flight.

      It was refrehsing to get away when we landed in Newark, which is my favorite airport. I had just enough time to look at the line at the line at the coffee shop and decide to go without on my way to the connecting flight. As I arrived at the gate and walked out the door, I was a little surprised to see that there was no plane, but a set of stairs. as I walked down the stairs I came to a bus. The man at the door to the bus asked if I was going to Albany, and when I said yes, asked me to get on.

      Whoa, wait a minute, what about the plane. I don't think this bus can fly, and it's not going to get me to Albany in an hour. Besides that quick observation, I was greeted with the lovely smell of the locker room as I got onto the bus. I was thankful though when I saw we were riding out onto the runway and not to Albany in a bus. Then I looked at the plane, only to see it was a prop plane... This propellor based plane, sat 30 people and was about as old as I was in terms of technology. the seats were covered with what appeared to be polyester plaid and there were no markings inside the cabin other than hand prints from decades of use. Then it took off. Once in the air, it began to shake violently. At first I thought it was turbulance, but I was very wrong. The plane shook, I tried to read but found that useless as it made me feel nausious. To top that, the entire flight there was a loud buzzing sound, very highly pitched, right above my head. I believe it was an air leak as the plane was also cold enough for me to wish for a jacket.

      After about an hour we landed in Albany, which has trees immediately adjacent to the runway. I was preparing for baggage claim to be a man sitting behind a desk with a clipboard, but they actually had a conveyor belt. My friend helped me get the golf clubs and we made off to his car.