In the Den of the Goths

Where I work, at an Internet Provider, back in Tech Support, they call me FreaK. This makes it no surprise that I turned around sharply when someone yelled out: "HEY FREAK!". Rufus, a good friend of mine, called me over, his customer on hold. He explained to me briefly that a club was going out of business and that tonight would be their closing party. He said they'd be leaving at nine for the club and I should see if I could get a ride down to go with them.

      Having no car of my own I was off to ask the other two who were going if they knew the fifth guy's phone number so I could mooch a ride off him. the best I got was a pager number and a home phone that I was instructed NOT to call. I biked home, picked up the phone and called the pager, then plopped down with the phone in front of the TV and waited. And Waited. And waited a little more. Around 6:30 I got a call, we chatted it out and he said he would pick me up at 8:30. I gave him directions to my house and hung up.

      Skip forward if you will to 8:45, I'm sitting on a big rock next to my driveway in the dark, with a flashlight waiting for my friend, Phu, to come. No Show, I keep checking back.

      Now, let's jump ahead once more to 10:00, keeping in mind it's Monday night as well, and nearing my meager bed time. Still no Phu, still no call back, and the TV was getting sour. But I figured I'd stick it out between teh rock and the house 15 more minutes. No show. Around 10:30 I'm in my house watching TV and I hear out of nowhere, the far off call of:


      There stood rufia, next to a giant suburban, waking the neighbors and screaming out my name. I ran to the car, hopped in and we were on our way.

      "So What kind of club is this?" I ask, about 30 minutes into the trip.

      "Uhh.. well the people here will be a lot like the people you'd find at a nine inch nails concert."

      ALERT!!! WARNING!!!

      "Oooooooohhhhhhhhh SHIT!"

      "I Thought you liked NIN"

      At this point I can see them now, goths. lots and lots of goths. Goddamnit! I wondered if it was too late to turn around, quickly stowing the thought as I knew it'd be mutiny. I figured I had better answer that question, I do like NIN.

      "I Do... but.. g-go-go-goths..." I uttered "I hate goths. I'll be lucky to get through the night with less than a dozen razor wounds. and een luckier if none of them are on wrist or neck."

      With a little more driving, we arrived in downtown LA, passing the club on our left. The line was enormous. It reached perhaps 100 feet in two directions. The goths were in high number. We pulled into a 7 11 to get some cash and then we looked for a close parking spot. When we found one I stepped out of the suburban and Rufus informed me that his friend was here. When I asked how he pointed to the small yellow (old style) bug.

      "So.. it's a Bug, there's buttloads of those"

      I was quickly proven wrong by being pointed out that THIS bug had the Autobot symbol branded proudly on the hood. The owner of this car was a true genius.

      We soon encountered the line.. and there we stood, for a very long long time. I saw interesting people in that line. Lots of women in leather pants and lots of guys in dresses. Interesting I guess, isn't quite a powerful enough word for that though. I also saw one or two non-goths. Those two were Phu and Rufus. The other non goths I thought I had seen were merely non-gothic only from behind, as they turned or went inside I saw hat they were indeed pale and pierced. I felt kinda out of place, seeing as I still only have original holes in my body. Even Phu and Rufus have earings.

      Rufus' girlfriend was also there, although she was fairly unnoticable since she blended well with goths and didn't speak very loudly. She was not a total Goth, so I tolerated her. She had the unfortunate problem of forgetting her ID, she departed our company when we were admitted... an hour after our line ride began.

      I was actually rather surprised that Rufus let her stay outside, but that's not my business, I just wanted to get inside so I could feel validated in driving to Downtown LA at 11:00 PM on a monday night to a building with 500 goths inside it. When we got inside, there were 497 goths. I know this because they building was only generating a line because maximum occupancy was reached. I also know this because apart from my companions, everyone else was wearing black and was pierced in many places on their face alone.

      We were soon met by an aparrant friend of Rufus, who greeted him with a hug and I was hoping me next. Not so much luck. Rufus, before I could figure out what was going on was being led away and said:

      "Stay here I'm gonna see if we can get my girlfriend in here"

      So there we sat, I pushed some goth girl off a crate and we sat and waited. And waited. I';m not sure exactly how much time passed while we were waiting but I know it was long enough for me to figure out which occupants immediately in front of me were male and which were female. Not an easy task.

      "you guys are still here? I thought you'd be having fun." Rufus said as he returned, without his girlfriend or the other girl. He held up a plastic cup, 75% full. "White Russian, would you like some?"

      "No thanks" I said "It's 1 AM and I have to be awake and on a bike in 6 hours."

      So we carroused the place. Hitting th dance floor for a little while, not long enough to get caught between too many goths of course, then the back rooms, then the balcony, where the speakers were. Bad Idea.

      Rufus went off to find the bathroom, Phu, who had not been having much fun until this point became enthused. I, lost my hearing by speaker volume and then later, Rufus yelling in my ear. It wasn't that I couldn't hear him, it's just that he wasn't making sense.

      An hour later, I found myself talking to the woman selling merchandise in the back. It was quiet and she was pretty cute, so I talked to her. Then I was informed she was warried and I turned to computer talk. This brought up the situation of Cable modems, which prompted the husband to tell me that he had a Cable modem, and the first day he had it that my Internet Provider, the place where I work, called him to inform him that he was cancelled.

      It seems he had violated the policy and had put a server up, he got caught, the cancelled him. After about 15 minutes of complaint, we laughed it off, as he had evnetually gotten it reinstated. I felt much better. I don't like to go more than 15 minutes without intense computer talk.

      With that we were ready to head home. Rufus however had wandered off.. drunk. Mind you, he hadn't had more htan one drink, he was just drunk... somehow. It was a small drink too. We found him getting ready to enter a crowd of goths. Good thing we caught him. We promptly left, finding his girlfriend still waiting outside.

      So, as we escorted Rufus down the street, and I checked for unnoticed goth marks, we summed up the night. A Worthwhile visit I would say, despite the hour wait and the deafness I had acheieved. In the parking lot we met the man with the Bug. The man who had transformers still on his car. I told him what I thought o fthe car and how cool it was and he said: