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Is It alright If I hack your website?
Only if I get national fame from it. Make sure you submit a message to Wired News and let them know you've put your heartfelt and unreadable hacker message on my site so I'll get lots of hits.

If Pimpmaster were to take on Pimpdaddy, who would win?
Well, if the pimpmaster is a fairy, pimp daddy will win because daddy carries the belt.

What does anal sex feel like?
My friend Michael thinks it's kind of like a terd that just won't come out.

If you were a virgin and you have anal sex, would that mean you're not a virgin anymore?
Any virgin who starts off with anal sex has problems. oh, and yes.

How large is the anal cavity?
I've seen some pretty nasty x-rays. It's big enough to fit a barbie doll and in some cases a baseball bat.

Is it bigger than a female's box?
Boxes that have alot of things put in them get pretty big and beat up.

What do "pheared nuts" actually look like?
Picture Johnny Depp, with a black beard, a watermelon hat and a crack pipe.

How do you get rid of boils on your ass without scarring?
Once again, sucking them off is NOT the answer. Laser surgery used to remove tattoos is also ineffective. The best thing to do is to paint your ass blue. Get a can of blue house paint and paint it on your ass. Your boils will be insignificant if not totally invisible to the common viewer.

I want to fuck a crackhore, can that be arranged?
You got 10 bucks? I'll whore you one of mine for just ten dollars. She'll stick with you until her high wears off.

Why did Ben poop in the car?
Ben's parents didn't drive it into him hard enough that poopie goes into the toilet. I think everyone should pitch in so we can send him to those special camps where they teach adults how to use the potty properly.