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Why do people still ignore underground music in general when i is always much better than popular stuff?
This normally comes from that inane aspect of human nature to hate everything that comes from the underground... like worms. I HATE worms.

Why do cats get scared when people hiss at them?
Cats think that generally human saliva is pretty disgusting and disease-ridden. This is why cats will not let you put them in your mouth as well.

When are you planning on writing more editorial's or rant's?
If I say soon, I might be lying. But, soon.

Why has there never been a video game made featuring a hyena?
Electronic Arts was coming out with a game a while back about Nazi Germany concentration camps, where you are a german soldier charged with killing Jews. In order to make it seem more friendly, all the humans were replaced with animals and the German soldiers were hyenas. The game still got pulled from shelves and since then no one in the gaming industry has dared touch the hyena as a character.

I have this thing sticking out of my ass and I'm not sure if it's a hemroid or if it's a tapeworm. I don't want to go to the doctor to find out what it is, can you help?
I would recommend using a kitchen knife to lance it. If it hurts to the point where you black out, it may be a part of your body and you should leave it alone. If two more grow back in it's place, it is a mythical creature called a hydra, except smaller and living in your ass. If it oozes some weird gel it's probably a tapeworm and you should have it removed.

Why is a certain loathsome someone asking so many questions?
I don't know, why ARE you asking so many questions?

The crack you sell is tested on animals first isn't it?
Back in the 80's before the War on Drugs, I had plenty of time and extra crack to test it on animals to make sure the crack I sell would ruin lives to a sufficient degree. Now however, with police and respectable community individuals all around, I can usually only test the fresh batches on a few street whores before I need to sell it off and disappear for a little while.

Why is it called an URL? Is that someone's name?
I don't know why it's called an URL, but if I had it my way I'd call it a Universal Resource Locator.

Angry brown anus spitting feces at my face, ow.
This is not a question. This is a statement. A very disgusting statement.

Xeno says, "Go legislative branch! Kick some ass!"
Xeno has some sort of problem understanding the mechanics of the site. Xeno, here's a refresher. You ask a question. We then randomly select an answer from the hat and post it on the site. Now I get to call you stupid: stupid.

What does panis mean?
Panis is an anchient word from one of the more eastern Germanic tribes that means schlong. The tribesmen believed that screaming it gave them strength in battle.