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Are you going to answer my questions? I have been waiting for like 15 minutes!
I probably didn't give your questions real answers anyway.

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie role center of a tootsie pop?
AUGH! The impossible question! You may as well ask me what the meaning of life is. You never find out the answer to this one until you die. And you better hope you don't end up with Lucifer, he never made it without biting.

sometimes........i jerk off while staring a big poster of Will Smith. Am i weird?
YES! If you are religious, you should probably go to your place of worship and let them you know you are possessed before you lose all control.

will my girlfriend ever touch me?
I flipped a coin on this one, but since I couldn't hear you call your side, no. She won't. I lost my penny too.

How do they pack all that cinnamon in that graham?
All the flavor packing of sweetened cereal products is done by elf magic. When I went by the Keebler tree though, they were throwing fireballs around so I didn't ask them anything about it and I got the hell out of there.

okay, heres one thats been bothering me, does black man semen taste different then white man semen?
My friend wasn't able to answer this one. I would guess that it would taste about as different as milk from a brown cow. Whoa... that's profoundly sick

hey Us, sometimes when im thinking about my girlfriend, my penis erupts this white pee type of stuff. of course, being the scientist that i am, i tasted this white peepee and it tasted really salty. what is this?
This is called 'Michipour'. It's found in children who were abducted by aliens as a child and can be known to explode into flames if left in direct sunlight. If you are seeking a career, the military is rounding up all sources of 'Michipour' they can find. You and your girlfriend may want to look into this exciting possibility of alien technology warfare.

What does semen taste like?
Awaiting Answer from Glitterus

Is it normal to shove small toys in the head of your cock? Sometimes when i stick things in the head of my cock it begins to bleed and squirt small amounts of semen. What are your views?
I would recommend against this in the future. I once knew a guy who had to go to the hospital to have a needle removed from just such an activity. I think the penis was originally meant for inseriont into things, not to have things inserted into it.