Reply Archive VI

can you live by solely eating your own poop?
I hope not.

what is this thing that you and xeno have going between the baseball teams? heather
Xeno, who likes cheese and can't form a sentance, thinks the Mets have any sort of a chance of meeting the Yankees in the world series. Not only does he think this will happen, disregarding that the Mets suck and could never make it to the series, he thinks the Mets would beat the Yankees. It just doesn't work that way. You can't even have a series with the Mets beating the Yankees if you use convoluted quantum physics and a whole buncha schrodingers kitties and all sorts of weird things that can't happen that Ben used to talk about.

By the Way, the only time I ever talk about sports is when it involves the Yankees, because I am totally uninterested in all other sports and all other sports teams.

How come no picture of the stripper? I want to see. You got a picture of the Chilly Pig. Certainly you could get a picture of the stripper.
I think she has some sort of rule about doing pictures with her clothes on. I'll see if I can snap a pic when she's not looking (and still dressed) so my site won't become totally X-Rated.

do you ever get sick of answering weird ask Us questions?
Mainly just the really sick ones that Toad sends me. I get exhausted trying to think of new ways to answer questions about the taste of semen and whether or not gross acts of self mutilation cause you to be weird.

How do you get this taste out of my mouth?
Remove the dirty sock, then wash lightly with listerine followed by Sprite.

Are you circumsized?
Although I don't remember any moments of excruciating pain in that area during any point in my life, I am.

Sometimes I like to take pins and poke it in the veins of my ballsack. Do you think that when i do this i could contract some disease? Or do you think this is safe to do as long as i don't share needles.
In order to kill bacteris, you should probably heat the pins up until they are red or white hot before this procedure. Otherwise I would say you run the risk or serious injury to your nuts, moreso than if you were a brit.

somtimes....when im the shower, large clumps of pubic hair fall out when tug it on really hard. am i weird?
Yes you're weird. I would make sure not to tell your parents or friends about this, they may turn you over to the mental ward or the pube researchers at the local college.

If i rub your tummy, will my wishes come true?
Yes, I spent 3 years in the Buddha School if wish granting. My tummy is now an object of desire fulfillment. It's not clean shaven like Buddha's though.