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okay, heres a question for ya. on i saw that you can purchase new foreskin. this got me thinking. where do they get new foreskin? do they grow them in big fields and there is farmer john harvesting a nice big crop of foreskin? a friend of mine sugggested that they used hydroponics to grow foreskin. Imagine a big swimming pool full of floating foreskin and a guy in a scuba tank swimming around in um checking them for plumpness. whats your opinon?
I saw something about this sort of thing on Hard Copy actually. Apparently, Ed McMahon owns one of these farms but under another name. The photos that Hard Copy had showed a man with a diving mask running crouched over into a limo. I think this could be AmeriKa's next big export.

Does playing with your penis make you go blind?
Only if you're not careful where you point it.

Do black men have more sex then white men?
Studies have shown that 60 year old black men have more sex than 8 year old white men.

Sometimes when i am having sex with my girlfriendd, she continuously asks me to put things in her butt. She just scream out CAV! PUT SOMETHING IN MY ASS! Anyway, last week I was in my father's study and shoved his old basketball trophy in her ass. She really enjoyed this, but yesterday my fater was holding it and kind of rubbing it while showing it off to his friends. Should I tell my father what I did, or should I just live in guilt
In this case, it is your responsibility to live up to what you've done. In today's dangerous world, sharing anal statues is just as dangerous as sharing needles. If you don't, you may find out down the road that the same rash your girlfriend had has now spread to your mother or your fathers secretary. Do you really want to live with THAT guilt?

sometimes......when im masturbating, i like to throw my legs over my shoulders and blow my load all over my face. is this wrong? i don't really swallow any of the semen but i just look looking in the mirror while its dripping down my face. am i weird?
One time I was watching 'My So-Called Life' and it was the episode where the hot girl and her not so hot friend found the hot girls' parent's sex tape under the bed. This tape had a picture of a guy licking feet, and then the voicover was: 'No Human Desire is Perverse' or something similar. So, according to a made up sex video on a television show on MTV, No. You're not weird.

I have this clicking in my ankle from walking around in women's high heels. Do you know if there is some physical rehabilitation i could go to, so that i may be able to keep from having those embarassing moments in public places?
This problem was a big occurance in the fifties before women evolved to fit into high heels fully around the time of the 70's. Back the, the most common cure was to have the woman wear army boots. This resulted in a lot of taunts like: "yer mudda wears army boots". Nowadays, you can have prosthetic ankles implanted to avoid this problem.

Would you like to see my third nipple?
I used to know two girls who had third nipples. One of em showed hers to me, it was on her belly and it wasn't very impressive. I wanted to see the other one which was supposed to be more disgusting, but this never happened. So, my answer is yeah, but only if you're female and if it's actually on your boob.