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Who is Baron Monck?
Monck was the only russian in my platoon back when we were dying out there in the trenches of Desert Storm. One time Monck and I were stranded out there together, miles from camp. It was so silent, but I knew they were all around us. We sat in that trench for 3 days, too scared to try and run. Luckily, we survived without being discovered. When we got back to the camp, they told us the war was over, but I knew that they were just sending us home from shell shock. No war could possibly be that short.

I'm Frightened. A few nights ago I was taking my poochie for a walk, minding my own business, and giving little Scruff a chance to do his caca-doodie. Then from out of nowhere a scary red car came careening around the corner, there was some sort of demon hanging out of the passenger window. Then the demon screamed something at me. It sounded like "PANIS" or something equally shocking. Do you think this vile demon cursed me or my beloved Scruff? If not cursed than what?
I know of the demons you may have seen. If it was indeed one of these demons you and your dog have both been cursed. You may want to seek out hte local Witch Doctor and see if there's anything you can do. Do so as quickly as possible because soon your body will be covered with boils and you won't be able to move. Unfortunately I think the dog is going to be beyond hope.

If my penis is 2 inches long will women date me?
As long as they never find out your penis is 2 inches long. But size isn't supposed to matter anyway...

You were in the clone wars?
Yeah, I was right out there in front with the flag and a blaster. That was until I realized I was fuckin outta my mind for it and took off running.

So, Billy. Ever seen a grown man naked?
Billy: "Yeah, the milkman, but mommy told me not to tell anyone."

Can you believe it's not butter?
Wow, that's original.

Got Milk?
I don't know if you'd call it that.

It burns when i pee. Should I see a doctor?
Nah, just drink some more until you can't feel it anymore

question, What question should I ask of you oh master us?
To this date, no one has yet asked me how I'm doing.

okay, here's a hard question. I know this girl who is really preoccupied with my ass. Everytime i see her she just hums quietly and says how nice of a ass i have. I was like, "okay, i have a nice ass, its cool." Then a few days ago got me liquored up and she brought out this huge tub of Crisco. I was shocked, what do we need Crisco for? I was then forcefully thrown off my bed onto my floor and then she proceded to strip off my clothes and lube up my ass. I then felt her entire fist slide quickly into my ass followed by her laughing evilly. I really like this girl and the fisting is kinda of fun but im worried about my ass tearing and her not loving me for more then my ass. What should i do? PS - This is not toad.
I think you should let her know she might be ripping your ass and if she doesn't give your concerns much attention, you should probably stop doing this. Take your ass elsewhere and find a girl with smaller hands. okay toad?

When is the last time you answered one of your own questions instead of wasting your time with questions people have about the many strange things they have done to there penis and nutsac?
Last time I was caught talking to myself was probably in 1994. I spent the next two years in a psych ward on heavy medication. So now when I ask myself questions I don't answer them and pretend I didn't hear.

question, how do you keep getting intellegent answers from all these stupid questions?
I don't actually read the questions.